Social Studies Homework: 10 Study Tips For College

If you're struggling with your social studies homework in college there are many things that you can do to overcome your frustrations and to maintain good grades

  1. Set up a regular time where you will study. In college you will be faced with a great deal more homework compared to any previous year in school and it is because of this higher workload that many students become overwhelmed.
  2. Review your assignment details for each course before you start working.
  3. Begin each session with a review of your calendar so that you know exactly what is due when and you can better prioritize all of the things that you have on your list.
  4. Make sure to work in the same spot. This spot should of course come equipped with all of the things you need. It can seem idyllic to work underneath tree on campus but this only works well if your assignment is just to read. If your assignment requires you to download something from the school website or to read something off the Internet and respond to it, then you may not have all of the tools you need underneath that tree.
  5. Avoid playing any music with lyrics as this will detract from your focus.
  6. It is important that you bring with you all of the materials that you needed any given time. If possible you want to put together a small bag or box where all of the materials you need are contained. And then on those days when you know you were going to work you can bring that small box or bag with you and have all of the materials necessary. These materials generally include things such as pens, pencils, notecards, highlighters, extra paper, calendar, a calculator, protractor, ruler, and any other items that you might need for the classes that you are taking.
  7. Always work on the most important tasks first.
  8. You want to take a small break every hour for roughly 10 minutes.
  9. Stay hydrated. Hydration is serious to the success of your work. If you are dehydrated your brain will not receive the oxygen, nutrients, and water that it needs to function.
  10. If possible bring with you a small snack what you can consume during your studies. Hunger can detract easily from your focus and having a small snack in your bag can help you to avoid serious hunger when you are in the middle of working.