Why No Homework At Schools Is A Terrible Idea

Many people have been talking about taking homework out of schools. There has been so many parents complaining about how it is disrupting their lives and causing issues that they are starting to make waves. No homework at schools is a terrible idea. Homework is designed to give students a chance to practice the things that they are learning in class. It is a way to take the things that they are learning and transform them into ideas that the students remember.

Students only retain a small percentage of information when they hear it and see it. Without practice, it will be almost impossible for them to learn the things that they need to know. Here are some reasons why it is a terrible idea not to have homework.

Homework teaches responsibility

It is a great way to teach students responsibility. They need to learn this important concept so that they show up to work on time and finish things in their careers. They need to know how to be responsible and when they are responsible for remembering to get that paper signed or doing their homework each night, they are learning a positive routine that will help them be better people in the future.

Homework lets a student know how they are doing

Homework is not only a great evaluation tool for the teachers. They need to know whether that lesson got through to the kids. If nobody can do the homework, they need to teach the concepts in a different way. But more importantly, it gives the students a chance to know where they stand. They may think that they understand how to do something until it comes to test time and they can’t remember how to do it.

Homework helps students practice

Students need to practice. The homework is practice for the test. If they can master the homework, then they don’t have to worry about taking the test. However, if they can’t get the homework done successfully, they have to work harder to study for the test and learn the concepts.

It may be possible that the homework system has to be reformed, but not giving homework at all is not the way to go. Maybe the teachers need to go over the homework the next day in class so that students get immediate results and know whether or not they did it correctly, but to take it out of the curriculum all together is ridiculous.