Should First Graders Have Homework: Suggestions From Experts

In the last years there are more and more debates regarding the volume of homework that a student should have. On one hand, we have the professors that say that there is not enough time in class to study everything there is. On the other side, there are the parents that see how their children are struggling all afternoon with a large volume of homework, and they end up with no free time for relaxation. Children in the first grade are usually too small for this kind of responsibility, but there are much more elements to be taken into consideration.

  • They need to be prepared for tests. Even if they are so young, they will still have tests and exams and they have to know how to handle them. The time they spend in class is generally not enough, because there is a lot of information to be memorized in such a short time. When they make their homework, they learn how to work independently, without the professor, and they will not be stressed when they need to take a test.
  • They will practice writing. In the first grade, pupils usually learn how to write and how to form nice letters. There are many different subjects in school, and many of them do not require writing. It takes a few hours of practice every week, if you want them to form a nice handwriting. Once he does not memorize the letters in good way, he can have great difficulties later.
  • A child needs relaxation. Imagine you are a 7 years old, who need to spend 7 hours studying every day. This can be exhausting even for an adult, not to mention a kid this young. He needs time to play, to discover his passions, to meet his friends. It is recommended to limit the time that he spends focusing on one single thing, and to teach him how to distribute his attention.
  • Homework can have the opposite effect. Even if the primary reason for this is to help a child, things can happen completely different. In the first years, a student will form his impression about school. Is it fun or is it boring? If in the first period of time he is always tired and busy, he will automatically connect the school with something negative. To prevent this kind of problems, you have to let him have fun during study.