How To Get Motivated To Do Homework In College: Practical Tips

When your high school teacher tells you that college is different than high school, they are telling you the truth. At university, you cannot skip class, forget your work, or try to turn in assignments late and expect to be successful in your post-secondary studies. The collegiate expectations are very different. It is assumed that you are there because you wish to gain the foundation for a future career. You have to be self-motivated at this point in your academic level. Use these tips to help keep you on track with your assignments.

Practical Suggestions

  • Do not fall behind -the pace will be faster. You will notice this right off the bat. If you fall behind in your studies, you may have trouble catching up. Keep in mind that you will take the basic classes first, but after those your field classes will be studied. This will be more enjoyable to you. Just be patient.
  • Go to all help sessions -there will be posted study sessions and class help groups. You will always do better when you collaborate with your peers. It is also nice to know faces in your class and then make friends.
  • Read ahead if possible -with so much work, it may sound crazy to try to read ahead some. However, if you have read ahead just a tiny bit, then the material in the lectures will not be brand new to you. Hearing concepts you have read about will speed up the learning process.
  • Get to know your professors -you can get to know the professors by going to extra help, utilizing their office hours, doing your work, and asking questions in class. It helps if the instructor knows you and knows that you care.
  • Hire a tutor or writing company if necessary -if at any time you struggle too much or fall too far behind then you must seek professional help. You can hire a writing or homework company. You can also hire a personal tutor.
  • Use the school labs -there should be a variety of labs that you can use. Some of these might be the science, reading, or writing lab. A qualified person such as graduate students will man the lab. There should be no fee to sue any of these facilities.
  • Consider summer school -think about taking the core classes in summer school. You can then get to the more interesting classes quicker, and take a lighter class load during the regular year.