Doing Homework In Elementary Schools: A Quick Guide

A lot of discussion centers around how much homework in elementary school a child ought to be doing. Afterschool studies are important but there can be a concern about assigning too much. The National Education Association supports 10 minutes of homework every day per grade. The level of difficulty will depend on the grade a student is in. Afterschool assignments at the elementary level have to take into consideration a few guidelines.

  1. Parental Involvement Is Absolutely Necessary. Children look to their parents for guidance and support. Parental involvement in the afterschool work stresses the importance of learning and promotes the habit of studying in the child.
  2. Reading Is Very Important. There should be no less than 15 minutes during which the child is encouraged to read, perhaps out loud to be sure he or she understands the text. This helps improve comprehension and vocabulary. Even if it is not actively assigned, reading needs to be a nightly activity.
  3. The Time Spent in Homework Should Be Monitored. A parent should carefully monitor how the child is doing the assignments. If it appears there’s too much time being spent or the young person is not fully understand the directions, this may be the result of a learning disability or the need for a tutor to assist.
  4. The Older the Child Gets, the More Organized, He or She Needs to Be. Older children in elementary school need to show a little independence in doing afterschool work. Parents still need to be close by, but the actual prioritization of assignments. Increasingly has to be the responsibility of the young learner.
  5. Arrange for a Quiet Space. A young person needs to have the chance to concentrate and a quiet space will help. This is a time when the television set can be turned off because of its distractions. There will be a chance to enjoy favorite programs after the work is all done.

There is enough research to suggest that the elementary school years are very critical to future learning ability. This is a time when a child can absorb knowledge like a sponge. This has to be encouraged and homework is one way of doing it. The assignments are one part in the parental involvement is the other. By providing assignments just challenging enough to stimulate interest in what parental backing of study efforts, homework and actually be of enormous value to the elementary school student.