The Average Homework Load In College: Basic Things To Know

If you are about to enter college you probably heard about the homework load you will be expected to carry. College is definitely not like high school and there are a number of commitments you need to handle. The idea of 20 or 30 hours of homework is not very realistic, however. There actually are days when you have no homework to do it all. Here are a few things to keep in mind about that academic load.

  • Much of It Is Reading. You can expect to read several hundred pages a week. Remember that is a week; it is not one night.
  • The Weekly Assignments Depend on the Subject. If you are in sciences or mathematics you may be asked to do several weekly assignments. The time it takes to do these depends on the assignment itself.
  • You Will Be Doing A Lot Of Papers. You can expect to have several major papers every marking period whether it is a quarter or semester. You also may be asked to do essays if you are enrolled in English class.
  • You Need to Budget Your Time. There 24 hours in the day, but you cannot spend every last one of them studying. College is where you discover that waiting until the last minute is a bad idea. You have to take a look at your schedule and decide how you’re going to spend free time between classes. Those hours are actually some of the best periods in which to do your homework.
  • Use Any Tools to Handle the Assignments. Make the use of any study guides or aids. If there is software available that can make homework easier to finish, consider buying it. Software like Dragon allows you to make maximum use of your time.

Efficiency is what you should be striving for when you take on the academic load. If you can get as much done in the all of the hours you assigned to that effort, you’re going to be well ahead of the game. Reading is a given in college and cannot be avoided. The same is true for writing papers. To put in perspective, you will be doing lots of research and writing in your career. You also be dealing with numerous deadlines. The college requirements will allow you to get used to doing all that is necessary to produce the type of results that your future employer will expect.