Homework Should Be Banned: Advantages & Disadvantages

The only constant thing in this world is change. You can compare today’s world with that of 10 years ago and you will find that many things have changed over the period. Changes occur in such an evolutionary fashion that we hardly make a note of them when they happen at the time.

Daggers are drawn

Homework, once an inevitable part of school equation, may very soon be persona non grata. There are daggers drawn against it and for good reasons too. It does have its silver linings as well; we have got to admit that.

Here are the pros and cons of school assignments

The pros

  • Assignments give the kids a general direction in studies. They may otherwise be lost on what to study and what to leave. With assignments, they know what to pursue and how.
  • Assignments instill discipline in kids. They know they have to complete the work and so have to be diligent on that aspect. They even bypass their family treats because of the assignments.
  • Assignments make sure that even the truant kids have some understanding of what is going in school and how much the syllabus is covered. They will otherwise largely be Greek to it.
  • You get the impetus to ask your family members and neighbors if you face any problems in your assignments. Thus your knowledge improves almost naturally.

The cons

  • You lose your poise; under the weight of continual assignments. The enjoyment of life gets kicked out somewhere in the groins and you suffer.
  • You do not get the time to study the segments that puzzle you just because you have to concentrate on the assignments in hand. Thus, the gap between you and others keep increasing.
  • Your family time gets diminished by the day. Even on holidays, you have to focus on the assignments and the customary walk with dad to the ice cream parlor goes bust.
  • You give more emphasis to assignment copies than it deserves. You prepare for your exams from it; you submit work after checking the others’ copies. You try to impress the teachers on segments you actually don’t hold much authority.

Balancing highs and lows

Thus, it is clear that homework does have its high as well. However, if you balance the highs and lows in a slow-cooked discussion, you will feel that there are too many downsides for the school assignments to keep living. It has to be given a new look or appearance, if it survives at all.