Coming Up With Year 5 Homework Ideas: How To Make Your Assignments Fun 

Year 5 is the second name of the fifth educational year. It represents a transitional period of compulsory education between primary and secondary levels and usually covers children aged between 9 and 11. Fifth-graders are assigned their homework regularly, and they learn to accomplish their assignments consistently in order to succeed at the higher school stages. However, they are still children, and teachers and parents should treat them accordingly. Homework shouldn’t be overwhelming, and it should be presented in an interesting game-like way in order not to kill their desire to study. Here are some great ideas that will make your assignments fun, and children will accomplish their tasks in different subjects with pleasure.

Year 5 math homework ideas

  • Practice fractions on a home-made pizza.
  • Find out how much time it takes to count to one hundred.
  • Measure area and perimeter of every room in your house.
  • Play shopping game: add small amounts of money quickly.
  • Define how many children’s steps are found in a kilometer.
  • Use a “heads or tails” game to practice multiplication and division.
  • Sort objects by size and then sort them by weight. Find out how size and weight correlate.

Year 5 English homework ideas

  • Justify your position as to why you don’t like a particular book.
  • Get to know the origins and meaning of your name (and of all your relatives).
  • Write a short persuasive description of your favorite positive or negative cartoon hero.
  • Create as many as possible adjectives to describe the taste of your favorite meal.
  • Analyze any proverb and provide persuasive statements whether it is true or false.
  • Write a letter to any distant relative.
  • Create a crossword with spelling words.
  • Write a letter to your friend using as many spelling words as possible.
  • Take several obscure words from the dictionary and find out what they mean. Let everybody in class guess the meanings.

Year 5 general homework ideas

  • Create a song.
  • Make up a game and play it with your friends.
  • Use a microscope to see how different things look like.
  • Find out how to say “thank you” and “hello” in 15 different languages.
  • Take an old mechanism apart and gather it again.
  • Choose any food, fruit or vegetable in the shop that you’ve never heard of and find out where it comes from and how to eat it or cook.
  • Discover what the food pyramid is by the example of your fridge content.
  • Use educational computer games to practice math, language skills, or simply get to know how to create something.